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Ray ban sunglasses uk price


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Plastic Injection
  This is by far, the number ray ban sunglasses uk sale one box method is used in the production of sunglasses, because the mass production, low cost.
  First, liquid petroleum-based plastic is then injected into the mold. When cooling solidified into plastic frames. Colors tend to be in the paint and coatings added, because it is cheaper.
  Obviously, the advantage of this process is that it is very little waste, it is very inexpensive manufacturer, the frame can bend and process in the form of ray ban sunglasses uk easily.
  On the other hand, does not look like acetate or angular frames as attractive and feel more expensive and less durable. All in all, I'd never consider sunglasses injection-molded, high-quality, but almost all of designer sunglasses do today, just as sellers $ 3 sunglasses. Even if it is almost no waste, plastic is the use of oil, which cheap ray ban sunglasses uk is made from petroleum products.
  Acetic acid is derived from a cellulose fiber such as cotton or wood, which is often referred to as the plant plastic. Sometimes also referred to as the IPC, which is the highest quality plastics used in the ophthalmic industry. Acetic acid is a strong, lightweight, flexible, and gives the general public, rich colors and materials for making spectacles over. It can even cause countless glasses optional layer is applied in a variety of colors. Production start of the frame formed by the plastic ray ban sunglasses uk price layer in block B is usually about 3 meters long / 90 cm and a thickness of about 1cm. The frame is then partially reduced from pantographing machine this block before being sanded and assembled by hand.
  The advantages of cellulose acetate: It is made of a renewable material, as opposed to petroleum-based plastics. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic and extremely flexible. Most importantly, it is more durable than plastic injection, provides greater choice to change transparency, color, and so on. On the other hand, they are more expensive than the production of injection frames. All in all, I would choose the acetic acid injection molded plastic 10 10 times as a consumer, but because ray ban sunglasses uk sale of higher prices, manufacturers tend to injection.