Bowling Parties and Events in Collinsville Illinois

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Adult Bowling Parties in Collinsville Illinois

Are you trying to figure out what to do for a fun night? Do you need a place to host a birthday party, fundraiser, or office get together? Look no further than Camelot Bowl in Collinsville Illinois. Call on us today and reserve that lane for your adult birthday bowling party. The average bowler will smile 22 different times while bowling a single game. Imagine how many times your loved one will smile when they are bowling during their birthday party. It is a fun night at the bowling center that everyone will enjoy. You also do not have to worry about food or drinks with an adult party. Camelot Bowl has an Imo’s Pizza located inside the building to provide pizza and other favorites for you. We also have a full-service bar to offer you drinks and soda. Call and reserve your lane today.

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Kids and Teen Parties in Collinsville Illinois

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Do you want to throw that birthday party at your house? Think of all that prep work and cleanup that you will have to do. Save yourself from the hassle and call Camelot Bowl to reserve a lane and host your child’s party for you. We know that you want to make this day unique for your little one. It will be an unforgetable party, having fun with their friends and family. Best of all, you will not have to worry about food, drinks, or cleanup after the party is over.

What we offer

  • Please remember that when you book your party, no outside food or drinks of any kind are permitted.
  • $8.00 per child
  • 1 game of bowling and shoes
  • Pitchers of soda can be purchased for $4.50
  • Pizza can be purchased from Imo’s Pizza
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Camelot Bowl School & Child Care Fieldtrips

Bowling as an educational field trip is a great day for teachers and kids. Look at it from a student’s eyes, “I get out of school to go bowling and have fun.”  Not to mention, bowling is also a good physical activity. For teachers, it is time away from the classroom to allow their students to learn in ways that are fun and unexpected. Call and reserve a lane today.

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Your Next Office Party in Collinsville Illinois

Turn that boring work party into something that will be talked about for weeks. With the help of Camelot Bowl, your office is in for a great time. If you feel like you need to liven up your corporate events, reserve a lane at Camelot Bowl. We provide a fun atmosphere in our building so that your office can relax and enjoy themselves. Once you book your lane and get to the alley, it is up to you how your office enjoys the night. If you want to build up teamwork, then competition is needed. It can be based on strikes, scores, gutter balls, etc.; the list of possible competitions is endless.

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Helping the Community in Collinsville With Fundraisers

Do you need a fun fundraiser for an important cause? Here at Camelot Bowl, we believe in helping our community as much as we can. We do this by hosting fundraisers for the community. It makes us proud when numerous supporters rally behind one cause, and you can have fun while doing it. The first step to getting your fundraiser started with Camelot Bowl is to call (618) 344-8610. We are sure that you have questions and need some help planning this event, and we will also have questions to ask you in return. You will not have to worry about food or drinks because we already have you covered with Imo’s Pizza inside our building and a full-service bar.

Fundraiser Basics at Camelot Bowl

  • Cost is $18.00 per couple, we suggest $35.00 per couple
  • for example: 50 couples at $16.00 = $800.00
  • Shoe Rental is $3.00 per pair
  • Raise even more money with silent auctions and raffles.
  • We can make the event special by doing Crazy Bowl, Scotch Doubles, or Traditional Bowling.


2022 Fundraiser: League Members Donated 300 Plus Toys, Cookies Tins and Food Baskets to Kawainis Christmas Program
TCAAH $2500.00

Call Dianne at (618) 344-8610 for Additional Questions or to Make a Reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions at Camelot Bowl in Collinsville Illinois

What kind of parties can be booked online? Any parties with 1-25 guests can be booked online. If there are going to be more than 25, please call us at (618)-344-8610 for clarity on what we can do and need to provide.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel an event for any reason, please reach out to our team at or call (618)-344-8610.

If I’m planning my child’s birthday party, do they bowl for free?
The birthday child counts towards your total headcount.

How many people are assigned to each lane?
A maximum of 6 people can be assigned to a single lane. If your event has 7-12 people in it, you will need 2 lanes. For reservations, please reach out to our team at or call (618)-344-8610.

What if we don’t want to throw gutter balls?
You can have bumpers up on the lanes; just check the box on our reservation form.

What if our party ends and we want a good time to continue?
As long as space permits, feel free to stay and continue your good time.

Should I arrive early for my party?
Yes, due to the number of guests we host, especially on the weekends, we cannot guarantee space will be available before the contract time.

What if we are late?
While we would love to be flexible, that is not always possible.

Plan Your Party in Collinsville Illinois

Once you fill out the party form and submit it to the office, we will review it and call you to discuss any details that were not disclosed on the form. While on the phone, we will discuss what you submitted and then book your lane requests. If there is anything else that you feel that was not covered, call us back at (618)-344-8610.